You’re gonna fail and that is okay

Every time we start competing in sports, starting a new business, getting hired at a new job. Deep down we all want to succeed right away.

In reality, we can’t.

We tend to forget that we aren’t born with the skills we have today, we learned them. By failing.

We have to fail in order to succeed. What do I mean by that?


Let’s say you started competing in track events. There will be times where you are not going to win every competition or get qualified for the next round. You have to see how you can learn for next time, how can I improve for the next competition? You can’t expect to be in your first year in Track and Field and win gold medals all the way.


You ave to fail, to learn the skills so you can to succeed.


Here is another story. Samantha is trying to grow her online business through social media. She has the content, the social media platforms but no one is coming to her page. She’s lucky enough to get at least 5 likes on her post.

She’s reaching out to people to buy her product but everyone ignores her or says no. Samantha’s going to feel like she failed at everything and want to call it quits.

Instead of seeing failure as a bad thing, see it as a learning process.

Rather than quitting, Samantha is going to think of techniques and strategies on how she can grow her social media. Such as reading articles, listen to a podcast, watch webinar training, maybe even reaching out to people online who already accomplish what she is trying to do, and give her some advice.

She is going to develop those skills and habits to get pass her fail to success.


I want you to leave this blog to be okay to fail. You are going to hear a hundred no’s before hearing that one yes, that one win you need, to help you get to the next step to success.


Thank you so much for reading my blog! Have an awesome day!


and remember


~ Live Love Laugh Learn ~


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