The Fear of Trying Something New

Having to try something new can be scary. It’s a nerve-racking feeling in your stomach, your heart begins to race, and your palms get sweaty.

You can hear all the doubts in your head getting louder and louder.

Sometimes these things stop people from taking big steps in their lives and performing well in certain situations.

Why are we afraid of trying something new?

We always like to stay in the area that we are comfortable in. Following the same routine, seeing the same people every day, going to our favorite coffee shop location just because they know your order by memory.

What happens if you go to a different location and ordered the daily special? How would that make you feel?

What if you decided to change your career and open up a business?

We’re so stuck in staying within our bubble that we forget that they are other things out there in the world for us to explore. Some of us haven’t left the country because we’re afraid of opening up to new things.

I am apart of business where I see girls who are single, married, a mother who are trying something new and found results in that. Such as taking trips, getting a car, being able to put a down payment on a house, paying off student loans.

In order for us to go out there become the people we want to be, we have to remove those fears and just take the leap.

So book that flight, message that crush of yours, change the horrible job you hate, sign up for that opportunity you always wanted to, try those products you were always wondering about.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new!

thanks for reading and remember to:

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh ~ Learn 



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