My Review on Monat Hydration Spa Kit

DISCLAIMER: *Commerical Relationship with Monat*

What is the one thing you are insecure about yourself? It could be your skin, face, hair, weight, the way your eyes are.

Mine is my hair. My hair has never been the greatest.

Having really dry sensitive scalp, brittle hair, frizziness to the max. I have always been insecure to let my hair down and love my hair for the way it is. When I was younger I would hide my hair in braids and believe that this is what everyone should see.

Until reached near the end of high school where I vowed to stop putting braids in my hair but replace it with using a relaxer (Chemically loosing/straightening your curl pattern)

It helped a lot. I was able to put my hair in a bun, straighten it so I can wear it down for an event. But relaxing my hair did make my hair easy to comb but not making it the healthiest.

I had extremely dry hair and the climate where I live did not help with keeping it from getting all dried up. When my hair was dried, I would lose hair. Every time I combed my hair I would see tons and tons of strands fall onto my lap. I know we are supposed to loose 1000 hair strands a day but it felt like more was falling out.

I decided to make a change, and find something that can help my hair to feel like hair and not a dried up sponge. So I decided to order the Monat Hydration Hair Spa sample kit. It comes with the Renew Shampoo, the Replenish Hair Masque, the Restore Leave-in conditioner and a sample of their famous Rejuveniqe Oil intensive packet.

Of course, I was a bit hesitant to try their products. With all the rumors floating around, I didn’t want a product to either burn my scalp or have my hair falling out. I did my research on the products’ ingredients and I even talked to a couple of Monat Partners. After a while, I took the leap and tried it.

Believe me, it did the total opposite.

Usually, after washing my hair with shampoo, it would feel like wet straw, not with the Renew Shampoo. My hair came out softer than ever, I was speechless. Then I place the Replenish Hair masque for 10 minutes (covered my hair with a shower cap) which helps to seal in all that moisture and hydration in my hair after I rinse it out.

After the 10 minutes were up I rinse my hair to find it silky, smooth, and soo soft. I never experience my hair in that type of way before.

I let my hair dry to 80% before using the blow dryer. I notice my hair wasn’t as frizzy and it would’ve been before, my hair was soft and did not feel like wet straw. I followed each instruction, I didn’t add any additional products and believe me after one wash using the Monat Shampoo and conditioner I couldn’t believe I was touching my own hair.

So I did another test; blow drying my hair, I wanted to see if my hair would continue to be soft after blow-drying. I was in shock by the result.

Both pictured showed that my ends need cutting badly, yet you can see the difference between my hair when it is blow-dried with the regular products I use and how my hair looked after I used the Monat leave-in conditioner.

I finished it and placed a few drops of the Rejuveniqe Oil intensive in my hair, wrapped it up and went to sleep. I woke up to amazing soft waves, it was easy to comb through, my ends weren’t dry like sandpaper.

I couldn’t believe the results. That day I left my hair down and gotten lots of compliments from people at work. I never felt better!


If you ever want to try a product remember to always do your research! Look at videos, talk to people who are actually working with the company, read about the ingredients and see what they are and why that ingredient is in the product.

Going forward, I am not going to let doubt lead my life and cloud my thoughts. I want to start living a healthy life and it all starts with how I am thinking,  what I am putting in and on my body.

Do you struggle with your hair like mine? Comment down below the struggles or things that frustrate you about your hair!

Would you like to try a sample? fill out the hair care quiz here to figure out which product is best for your hair! or you can order the same samples here that I used and you only have to pay for shipping which it was less than ten dollars.

Thank you and remember to:

Live Love Laugh Learn

~ Corynn


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