Why is it Hard to Talk About Yourself?

Have you ever been in an interview and the interview is going great. You answer questions about the company, cover over scenario questions. But then the employer asks, “Tell me about yourself?”

Does your mind go blank? Or do you feel yourself breathing deeply and trying your best to find something good about yourself? Even though it was only a few seconds of silent it feels like hours have been passing by?

Why is it so hard to talk about ourselves?

Of course, we can easily talk about others. We can spread rumors about others, judge other people’s lives and fashion. As well as discuss topics about celebrities’ lives. We talk about others daily in our lives but we hardly talk about ourselves. Why can’t we talk about ourselves?

Could it be that to talk about ourselves we have to judge and reflect on who we are as a person?

Then the following question pops up, “What are your strengths and weakness?”

I’m guessing you answer the weakness part first rather than strengths?

Why do we tend to focus on the negative part of our lives and in ourselves rather than what we can do. We hardly focus on the accomplishments or the things we are good at life. For example if we’re good at fixing computers, instead of saying “I am awesome.” we would rather critique our work, “I should’ve run a check before applying that code..”

(I know nothing about fixing computer but you get my point right?)

I have to give a shoutout to the people out there who know their strengths and what they are good at. We need to start complimenting ourselves, giving ourselves the acknowledgment we need. We don’t need someone to be our cheerleader, we’re our own cheerleader. Cheering on the strengths and accomplishments we have.

Is it hard to talk about yourself? How do you overcome in interview? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to; Live Love Laugh Learn 

~  Corynn



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