Fall means change and that’s what I’m doing.


I tend to have this habit of where I stuck in this routine where I wake up, eat, work, and sleep. I feel like I’m a robot or a Sim; being given the same task every single day believing; this is my routine follow the routine.


One day on my way to work I couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of seeing the color of the green leaves change to the colors; yellow, red, and even brown. I took a deep breath of the crispy air knowing the cold winter is on its way. As I see the leaves falling and flowing within the wind, I couldn’t help but think,  


Time for a change. 


At that moment I forgot how I felt to be happy, enjoy my life, and feeling less stress. I wanted that feeling back! I want to feel that I am living for a purpose, not just to go by my day to survive. In the future, I want to look back into my 20’s knowing that I lived the life I wanted, which made me happy.


 It’s not a good feeling to wake up each morning not wanting to live the life you have. 

I have tried multiple times to start a blog and failed to continue. Maybe it was the timing of my life or how my mental health was. I have never been ready to experience this change again. 


I’m aware that it’ll take time to see changes happen. It’s time to remove the things in my life that is making me unhappy and grab onto the things that are going to bring my happiness back.


Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a cycle and want to get out? If so tell me in the comments how you overcame it.

Thanks for reading my post and don’t forget to;


Live, Love, Laugh, Learn


~ Corynn


3 thoughts on “Fall means change and that’s what I’m doing.

  1. I can really relate to this feeling. I once was in a place where all my peace and joy was taken away and that was because of too much expectation from others. I learned to never expect so much and be more focused on making my own self happy and that was when I found my freedom. This is such a great post and I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm and see the change you need to see soon.

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    1. Exactly! I am always so focus on taking care of others and making others happy that I forget about myself. I’m starting to focus on me and I been nothing but happy right now. I’m glad you liked my post 🙂 thank you!

      ~ Corynn


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